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need a website for your business or need to redesign it?

No problem, we have got it covered! We don’t only offer web development services, but we also do web design as well. With Eduniverse, you can create a website that stands out among the crowds. Our web developers have more than a decade of experience, and that makes them the best. It’s also the reason why they provide one of the best website design and development services in Egypt

Content Management System

Take control of your own website. CMS allows you to update your website’s information without a call to your firm every time the content needs change. We ensure that you get the exact control you want.

Responsive Design

Make your website responsive that it adapts to every device – desktop, smartphone, or tablet. We’ll make your website dynamically resize its content according to screen size ensuring its efficiency and maximizing user experience.


Keep your audience from bouncing off your website. With the right User Interface (UI) your brand will look better than ever, mixed with User Experience (UX) to maximize the efficiency of your website.

Mobile Development

Mobile browsing is increasing exponentially. Your website will be more functional on smartphones and tablets. We'll develop a mobile version of your website to enhance the experience throughout any device.


Selling online allows your business to be open 24hours. We will build you an optimized online store to sell your products- while ensuring safe and secure transactions for you and your customers.


You will never feel outdated with us, we will change, lift, and play with your website's design and development to stay ahead in the game.

On-page SEO

Search Engine Optimization is crucial for visibility. SEO starts with your website. We will help in optimizing your business on search engines.

Google Integration

Your information is valuable. You should not suffer or worry from domain crashes, data loss or exceeding the email capacity. We’ll effortlessly integrate your business with Google applications (Gmail, Calendar, Maps, Contacts, etc.) so that your data will be managed and saved via Google server.

Web Portal

Combine all your scattered services in one place and display them inside portlets. Your organization can use it to offer personnel a unique management system with multi-themed interfaces.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

If you have multiple systems that require different credentials, with SSO users will be able to log-in once to gain access for all your services.

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